I knew it would come one day :) A Polish-Dutch couple!!

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And here is the next episode. After we left from our small outdoor photo session we went to the market square of old Delft. Yes, with our VW we seriously drove in. Quinta, almost like a Queen had to wave to all tourists. :) There was rain, there were a lot of umbrellas, windows in the bus were completely fogged..and fortunately there were a lot of smiles!

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Do you still remember Quinta and Andreas? I have shown you photos of their engagement photo session in old Delft… 26th of April was their wedding and as I expected, it was extraordinary!!!

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Sherida and Marijn live in a very beautiful, old house somewhere between Leiden and Den Haag. The first time I came there I immediately new that they are an extraordinary family. You feel warmth and love just when you pass their doorstep. Sherida told me that most important to her is to have all guests and especially all family on their photos as they want to keep good memories of each and every person important for them.

May 30, 2013, 11:06 AM

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Tam contacted me only a few days before the last opening day of Keukenhof. And she was convinced to have pictures only there :) This was the place where they had their first date and they wanted to keep this memory on their loveshoot!! Very romantic! Tam also told me that Dutch weather is way too cold for her and because of that we have to meet at noon, when it might be slightly warmer.

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There she is!!! It took some time before I could meet Justyna. It turned out that winner of the contest on the occasion of Women’s Day was from Poland. Nevertheless she decided to come to Holland and have some pictures with me. We only had to find a suitable date for us both.

Thumbnail for Quinta and Andreas – engagement photo session (Delft)

Quinta and Andreas are these kind of people who you’d like from the first moment. They are friendly, warm and very open. I was very happy when they chose me as their photographer for their wedding. In our planwas included a so-called ‘engagement photo session’. During this session we can get to know each other and lose the stress caused by the camera.

Mar 13, 2013, 6:22 PM


She was born just a few days ago, 22nd of February, but I was still pretty surprised what a tiny princess she is. Just about 2,4 kg – very cute.

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Polish Restaurant Smaak Paradijs and Phototale are pleased to invite all ladies to a contest on occasion of Women’s Day. All you have to do is send in a photo of yourself! We have great prizes! More details can be found on the poster

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