Wedding of Quinta and Andreas – part 2 (Delft, Rijswijk)

2013-07-09 13:09:00

And here is the next episode.

After we left from our small outdoor photo session we went to the market square of old Delft. Yes, with our VW we seriously drove in. Quinta, almost like a Queen had to wave to all tourists. :) There was rain, there were a lot of umbrellas, windows in the bus were completely fogged..and fortunately there were a lot of smiles!

All the guest were already waiting so we could go in. After a traditional introduction of the Bride and Groom by their parents we witnessed a very touchy ceremony. Both Quinta and Andreas wrote a very beautiful storyabout their beginning, their love and their life together. Very emotional, so I could see tears in many eyes…

To calm these emotions before the next part of the day, the newly married couple went alone (ok, almost alone..I was there with them together with the skipper) by boat to their party place in Rijswijk. Nice and relaxing. After a warm welcome we entered Herberg Vlietzigt, a cozy and beautiful place. And then I was shocked. This place was so fantastically decorated and all these decorations were made by Quinta and her family. Just to mention some: huge pigs in wedding outfits, thousands of hearts with their pictures on it, flowers from tissue paper, black boards with funny texts… There was also a place with a background full of hearts where all the guests could make photos with a funny outfit, there were apples to snack..and much much more! AMAZING!

After a delicious dinner (yammie!) the party started! It started with the next surprise – a movie made by Q&A…a very funny movie which just blasted the atmosphere through the roof!! Also guest were very creative! Almost each group made a sketch, a song, a game or some special gift for the newly weds! The smile just didn’t leave my face.

People were dancing, singing and having fun. I must mention that also the band was very good and for sure helped to keep people on the dancing floor. I was mingling in the crowd, walking around and enjoying the happy atmosphere :)

But unfortunately every great moment comes to an end. The boat came to pick up Quinta and Andreas. They were guided to their final moment by all the guests holding sparklers..It was AWESOME!!

Dear Quinta and Andreas, I would like to wish you all the best! You are a great couple and you seem to be a perfect match.

I would also like to thank all the friends and family of Q&A as they welcomed me very warmly. I’ve spent a very nice time with you and at the end of the long day I felt like one of you! I hope to meet you again!