Wedding of Quinta and Andreas – part 1 (Delft, Bergschenhoek)

2013-07-01 13:03:00

Do you still remember Quinta and Andreas? I have shown you photos of their engagement photo session in old Delft…

26th of April was their wedding and as I expected, it was extraordinary!!!

We started very early at the house of Andreas’ parents, where he was preparing for the wedding. Of course it is faster and easier for guys but still it is nice to have memories from that moment as well. When I went to take photos from Quinta preparations, Andreas was busy preparing their wedding car. A very special car :).

It was raining a lot when I arrived at Quinta…but all the attic was full of laughter and good energy. The bride, her sister, her friend and her mum were getting prepared for the wedding. Quinta was at that moment still in her bathrobe so we had a lot of nice photo moments :)

And then Andreas arrived. He was truly convinced that Quinta’s dress  would be violet..but NOT, it wasn’t. Luckily managed to catch the surprise on his face when he saw his future wife in her full wedding outfit for the first time! That was not yet the end of the surprises. After some cake and wishes we were ready to make some group photos. That supposed to happen in the park..but nobody wanted to get wet and it was raining cats and dogs. Grrrrrrr….Dutch weather. But rain brings luck when it comes to the wedding day..that is what we say in my country :) So pushed by the situation we made a photo session in their vintage car :) It was VERY vintage!! An old, small, cute VW bus. It wasn’t easy..but a lot of fun :)

Because Quinta and Andreas are both teachers we visited both of their schools..where they got married twice :)

Fortunately it stopped raining by then. It was still very cold but we could take at least a few photos outside. And then came the wedding…but I will tell you this episode in part two..:)