Sherida i Marijn (Den Haag, Wassenaar)

2013-06-24 11:25:00

Sherida and Marijn live in a very beautiful, old house somewhere between Leiden and Den Haag. The first time I came there I immediately new that they are an extraordinary family. You feel warmth and love just when you pass their doorstep. Sherida told me that most important to her is to have all guests and especially all family on their photos as they want to keep good memories of each and every person important for them.

The wedding day has arrived – 19.04.2013. Cold and rainy :( I came to them in the morning, when children where still in their pyjamas and the bride was getting ready. I was impressed how they managed with 4 boys running around! They are sweet and nice to each other. We took some pictures during preparations and got to know each other, eating breakfast at the same time :) It seemed chaotic but everything was progressing according to delays! The weather wasn’t gracious for us, but there was time to take some family photos. We went to the neighborhood park in Wassenaar. It was cold and rainy. Between pictures Sherida had to wear something to warm up a bit to avoid goosebumps. Luckily the guys were slightly warmer dressed :)

Almost frozen we came back to the house and did the last preparations before the wedding. A friend of the bride took me to Den Haag..and by accident we made some de-tour (thank you for the sight-seeing!), but we managed to be on time at the location nevertheless :) And the sun started to shine!!! The wedding ceremony and reception took place in La Cantina in Scheveningen. The ceremony was short, but as alwaysvery touching! Especially the view of the children signing the wedding papers!

Even though it wasn’t actually very warm, covered from wind by the building and fully exposed to the sun, we could finally enjoy the sun! What a nice change!!!!

After the reception Sherida, Marijn and their friends and family continued celebrations at Sherida’s mother’s place. WOW – what a food she made! And what an amount! Amazing! I think Surinam food became one of my personal favorites that day.

On the photos you can see this all..the good and the bad weather, the friendly family atmosphere and the happiness (you only cannot smell this gorgeous food!). All the best Sherida and Marijn!