Mona – pretty businesswoman

2016-04-14 14:21:00

As you could see on Facebook, I am at this moment finalizing my own big project… but after 9 months I am finally getting there :)

In the meantime I can share with you some of my older photos.


Usually my posts here are connected with the “wedding” theme. Or they are written about engagement photo sessions or wedding parties, but not this time. Below you can see the outcome of a photo session which I had with Mona last year. Mona is a young, smart and very successful businesswoman. She wanted to have some semi-casual photos but still suitable for portals such as LinkedIn. We’ve met in the beautiful city center of Den Haag. For a change the weather was even cooperating and we could do everything that we had planned for that day. After some stress at the beginning we got from this session exactly what we wanted.

Just look at this beautiful lady!!!