2013-07-16 13:16:00

I knew it would come one day :) A Polish-Dutch couple!!

Marysia and Marcel are a friendly, young couple. We met for the first time at their place in Katwijk. It was a bit confusing which language we should speak, but I am used to this every day :)  We met first time in winter, but since they wanted to have a photo session on the beach we waited for a few months till it was actually possible. And even when the weather finally improved, at the beginning of June, we still discussed over thephone whether it’s already warm enough or not..and our meeting was constantly shifted. But finally we managed :) 

Marysia wanted to have some pictures in a castle..but well..this is not an easy place to find in we used the parliament to pretend to be one. :)  Also a nice background :)  After an adventurous  walk over cobblestones on high heels on Binnenhof (of course not me, but Marysia had this possibility) past the‘Hofvijver’ we came back to the parking and we went to the beach. In order to have at least some pictures in the light of the sunset sun we had to go there very late, but at least there weren’t many people.

These few hours which we have spent together for sure helped to relax. We got to know each other and there will be no stress of the camera on THE BIG DAY itself. Pictures from their wedding will follow very soon!!