Ewelina and her pregnancy photo session

2013-03-01 18:13:00

We were sooo late with this photo session. Even though the weather wasn’t so good, we couldn’t wait anymore. There was a big chance that despite a pregnancy photo session..we would have a newborn :)

Nevertheless we have spent a fantastic couple of hours together. And it was fun! We tried different outfits, laughed, talked to the belly and watched it move. We also ran away from the curious geese, ate a fantastic dinner, tried to convince Leon (the cat) not to disturb us, discussed all baby and maternity stuff..and in the mean time we also took some pictures :)

Pregnancy usually takes about 9 months. A long time, but when the baby is already with us, we fast forget this special time. Having some nice pictures reminds us about this special period in our life, so I’m very glad we managed to do this on time!!!

Watch and keep smiling!